Our vision

The UQ -IITD Academy of Research (UQIDAR) will attract the best global talent, including elite students,  academics, researchers and scientists to work on goal – directed, cross – disciplinary grand challenges that are of interest to Australia, India and the global community.

Research areas

UQIDAR will leverage a shared history of research excellence to focus on interdisciplinary themes.

Healthy Ageing
Feeding the World
Resilient Environment
Technology for Tomorrow
Transforming Societies
News and updates

UQIDAR scholar wins best paper for why men take more risks on the road

Clinical psychologist and PhD student, Indupriya Babu, has been recognised for her research into risk-taking, and why men are more likely to experience road traffic...

PhD program supports flood research across Australia and India

Indian PhD researcher Mr Sudeep Banad will spend 2020 at The University of Queensland (UQ) to analyse the changing flood patterns and their impact on...

IIT, University of Queensland team up to offer PhD

In a first, IIT-Delhi will collaborate with University of Queensland (UQ), Australia to start an international joint PhD programme. Read More