UQIDAR is governed by a Joint Venture Board (JVB).  A number of committees sit under the JVB and are tasked with responsibilities including strategic oversight, operational management, quality assurance, duty of care of students, and compliance with the ESOS Act and relevant Australian and Indian government policy including research ethics.


Joint Venture Board (JVB)
The JVB is an advisory body established to provide have strategic governance and oversight of UQIDAR.  The Honorary Board of Directors consists of an equal number of representatives from both UQ and IITD.  Its members include:


Academy Strategic Research Advisory Council (ASRAC)

The ASRAC consists of eminent researchers, academics, and industry and government leaders, who provide advice to the JVB on research priorities and strategies.


Academy Program Advisory Committee (APAC)
The APAC reports to the JVB and ensures joint PhD guidelines are maintained, considers student selections and approve admissions at each institution.  The APAC receives, considers and takes appropriate actions on reports from the following Sub-Committees:

  • Academy Candidature Oversight Sub-Committee (ACOS)
  • Academy Joint Admissions Sub-Committee (AJAS)
  • Academy Student Milestone Committee (ASMC)

Academy Management Committee (AMC)

The AMC reports to the JVB.  Its functions include approving project budgets, selecting projects, conducting internal promotion within the institutions, promoting partnership development and overseeing operations.



The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the operational lead of the Academy.  The CEO reports to the JVB and works with the Professor-In-Charge of the Academy. The CEO has responsibility for business development, operations, and student matters, as well as responsibility and accountability for all the Governance, fiduciary and operational requirements.

The Professor-In-Charge of the Academy at IITD (PIC) is the head of the project that sets up and operates UQIDAR operationally and is the Head of Department at IITD.