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Note for i-students : Applicants with fellowships (CSIR, UCG-NET, etc.) are encouraged to apply for all projects. Please note that projects marked with an asterisk will only consider applications from i-students with fellowships.

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Project Code UQ Supervisor IITD Supervisor Research Themes Title Student Type (i/q) Keywords Discipline Status
UQIDAR 00212 Dr Alan Pegna, School of Psychology Dr Varsha Singh, Department of Humanities & Social Sciences RE, TS Cross-country sex-differences in psychoneuroendocrinology: Examining stress, and reward-related decision making in trust-uncertainty in emotion disorder i/q note: i-students must have own scholarship to apply (CSIR, UCG-NET, etc) cognitive sex differences, cognitive-affect processing, emotion disorder (anxiety & depression), endocrine system(hormone-behavior/hpa-hpg axis) clinical psychology/clinical neuropsychology psychiatry/rehabilitation (focus: neuropsychology) cognitive & affective neuroscience Student Required