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Note for i-students : Applicants with fellowships (CSIR, UCG-NET, etc.) are encouraged to apply for all projects. Please note that projects marked with an asterisk will only consider applications from i-students with fellowships.

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Project Code UQ Supervisor IITD Supervisor Research Themes Title Student Type (i/q) Keywords Discipline Status
UQIDAR 00145 Dr Antonio Andrés Bellofatto, School of Economics Dr Sourabh Paul, Department of Humanities & Social Sciences TT, TS Talent Allocation in the Indian Economy: Measurement and Policy Implications i/q note: i-students must have own scholarship to apply (CSIR, UCG-NET, etc) misallocation, labor markets, indian economy, policy design economics, statistics, mathematics, engineering Position Filled - Kopal Mathur
UQIDAR 00155 Associate Professor Begoña Domínguez , School of Economics
Dr Antonio Andrés Bellofatto , School of Economics
Dr Sourabh Paul, Department of Humanities & Social Sciences TT, TS Technology Regulation in the Macroeconomy: Robots and Artificial Intelligence i/q technology regulation, macroeconomy, taxation, robots, ai economics, finance, statistics, mathematics, engineering Student Required
UQIDAR 00168 Associate Professor Abdullah Mamun, Institute for Social Science Research Associate Professor Kamlesh Singh, Department of Humanities & Social Sciences FW, TS Early Life Social, Economic and Family Predictors of the Trajectory of Malnutrition and Cognitive Development from Childhood to Adulthood i/q early life, longitudinal study, malnutrition, cognitive development statistics, economics, population studies or psychology Position Filled - Nimisha Bahl