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Note for i-students : Applicants with fellowships (CSIR, UCG-NET, etc.) are encouraged to apply for all projects. Please note that projects marked with an asterisk will only consider applications from i-students with fellowships.

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Project Code UQ Supervisor IITD Supervisor Research Themes Title Student Type (i/q) Keywords Discipline Status
UQIDAR 00187 Professor Yusuke Yamauchi, Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN) Professor Ashok Ganguli, Department of Chemistry TT Structural and Compositional Controlled Carbon-based Electrocatalysts for Efficient Oxygen Reduction Reaction i/q porous carbons, two-dimensional materials, fuel cells, electrocatalysis materials science and engineering, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, electrochemistry, chemical engineering, nanotechnology Position Filled
UQIDAR 00201 Associate Professor Glen Corder, Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI) Professor Kamal Pant, Department of Chemical Engineering TT Development of Sustainable Technology for Metal Recovery from Electronic Waste and Scale-up of the Developed Process i electronic waste, metal recovery, leaching, economic analysis chemical engineering, chemistry, electrochemistry, metal recovery Position Filled - Shally Gupta