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Note for i-students : Applicants with fellowships (CSIR, UCG-NET, etc.) are encouraged to apply for all projects. Please note that projects marked with an asterisk will only consider applications from i-students with fellowships.

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Project Code UQ Supervisor IITD Supervisor Research Themes Title Student Type (i/q) Keywords Discipline Status
UQIDAR 00112 Dr Sangeeta Prakash, School of Agriculture and Food Sciences Associate Professor Jatindra Sahu, Department of Rural Development and Technology HA, TT, TS Controlling the crystallisation in clarified butter (ghee) and its functionalisation for health benefits q clarified butter, dairy technology, crystallisation food science Student Required
UQIDAR 00113 Dr Sangeeta Prakash, Agriculture and Food Sciences Professor Jatindra Kumar, Rural development and Technology TT, TS Designing functionalised sweetmeat through 3D food printing i 3 dimensional printing, dairy, extrusion, desiccated milk solids food engineering, chemical engineering, food science & technology, physical chemistry, Position Filled - Mohammad Bareen
UQIDAR 00118 Professor Aleksander Rakic, School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering Professor Amartya Sengupta, Department of Physics FW, TT, TS Quality Assessment of Exportable Commodity Goods of Australia and Indian Subcontinent Using Non-contact, Non-invasive THz Imaging Technique i* terahertz, imaging, biophysics, photonics physics, electrical engineering, food sciences Student Required