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Note for i-students : Applicants with fellowships (CSIR, UCG-NET, etc.) are encouraged to apply for all projects. Please note that projects marked with an asterisk will only consider applications from i-students with fellowships.

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Project Code UQ Supervisor IITD Supervisor Research Themes Title Student Type (i/q) Keywords Discipline Status
UQIDAR 00112 Dr Sangeeta Prakash, School of Agriculture and Food Sciences Associate Professor Jatindra Sahu, Department of Rural Development and Technology HA, TT, TS Controlling the crystallisation in clarified butter (ghee) and its functionalisation for health benefits q clarified butter, dairy technology, crystallisation food science Student Required
UQIDAR 00113 Dr Sangeeta Prakash, Agriculture and Food Sciences Professor Jatindra Kumar, Rural development and Technology TT, TS Designing functionalised sweetmeat through 3D food printing i 3 dimensional printing, dairy, extrusion, desiccated milk solids food engineering, chemical engineering, food science & technology, physical chemistry, Position Filled - Mohammad Bareen
UQIDAR 00131 Associate Professor Luke Knibbs, School of Public Health Associate Professor Sagnik Dey, Centre for Atmospheric Sciences HA, RE Health benefits of air pollution mitigation: A comparative assessment of policies for high (India) and low (Australia) exposure regions i air pollution, epidemiology, health benefits, exposure modeling atmospheric science, environmental science, public health, biostatistics Position Filled - Neha Singh
UQIDAR 00152 Professor Tapan Saha, School of IT and Electrical Engineering Professor Sukumar Mishra, Department of Department of Electrical Engineering RE, TT IoT based EV infrastructure: Data Driven Approach for analysis and optimization of Distribution system Operation (DSO) under uncertainties i distribution system, electric vehicle, uncertainties electrical engineering, power systems, knowledge in control system, optimisation knowledge Position Filled- Arnab Bhattacharjee And Venkata Suryakiran Bhamidipati
UQIDAR 00155 Associate Professor Begoña Domínguez , School of Economics
Dr Antonio Andrés Bellofatto , School of Economics
Dr Sourabh Paul, Department of Humanities & Social Sciences TT, TS Technology Regulation in the Macroeconomy: Robots and Artificial Intelligence i/q technology regulation, macroeconomy, taxation, robots, ai economics, finance, statistics, mathematics, engineering Student Required
UQIDAR 00161 Honorary Professor Raja Jurdak, School of IT and Electrical Engineering Professor Swades De, Department of Electrical Engineering RE, TT Learning-based optimization strategies for sustainable IoT communications i edge computing, sustainable iot communications, learning techniques, sparse signal processing electrical communication engineering, computer engineering/technology, applied mathematics, signal prrocessing Position Filled - Sushmita Ghosh
UQIDAR 00178 Dr Sally Babidge, School of Social Science Associate Professor Vibha Arora, Department of Humanities & Social Sciences RE, TS Understanding human-water dynamics for sustainable water futures i/q note: i-students must have own scholarship to apply (CSIR, UCG-NET, etc) hydro-social, water sustainability, political ecology, development studies social anthropology, development studies, political science, human geography, political science, social work, or environmental studies Student Required
UQIDAR 00185 Associate Professor Nicholas Osborne, School of Public Health Professor Sagnik Dey, Department of Atmospheric Sciences RE, HA, TS Pollen and its contribution to respiratory outcomes in subtropical regions i/q air pollution epidemiology health benefits exposure modeling environmental science, biological science, public health epidemiology Student Required
UQIDAR 00214 Associate Professor Kai-Hsiang Chuang, Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) Professor Rahul Garg, Department of Computer Science & Engineering TT Develop ultrafast technique for high-resolution imaging of brain function i/q imaging, brain, machine learning physics, engineering, computer science Student Required
UQIDAR 00218 Dr Christopher Leonardi, School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering Assistant Professor Bahni Ray, Department of Mechanical Engineering RE, TT Modelling and fabrication of optimal fiber-based filter for effective air-borne fine-particle capture i/q air filter, computational fluid dynamics, ultra fine particle 1.the student must be btech and mtech in either mechanical, chemical engineering, mathematics or applied physics. 2. he/she should have knowledge of numerical coding (not just using ansys) of fluid flow problems Position Filled - Utsav Bhardwaj
UQIDAR 00220 Professor Aleksander Rakic, School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering Professor Amartya Sengupta, Department of Physics TT, TS Non-destructive THz Imaging to Study the Viability of Green Materials for Construction i/q terahertz, green construction, materials, sustainability applied mechanics, mechanical engineering, physics, electrical engineering, civil engineering, applied mathematics Student Required
UQIDAR 00223 Dr Mehdi Serati, School of Civil Engineering Assistant Professor Prashanth Vangla, Department of Civil Engineering TT Coupled Digital Image Correlation and Particle Tracking (DIC/PT) Approach for Crack Growth Monitoring i/q digital image correlation, particle tracking, image processing, brittle failure civil engineering, mechanical engineering, material testing, fracture mechanics, matlab/python/java programming Student Required
UQIDAR 00229 Professor David Williams, School of Civil Engineering Associate Professor Bappaditya Manna, Department of Civil Engineering RE Predictive modelling of settling and consolidation, and desiccation and re-wetting of mine tailings i/q consolidation, desiccation, settling, tailings civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, mining engineering, earth sciences Student Required