Supervisor Resources

In order that we attract high achieving students, projects will need to be goal-directed and address cross-disciplinary grand challenges of interest to Australia, India and the global community.

The collaboration will also enable broader researcher mobility with the opportunity for supervisors to spend time at each institute and to expand research linkages.

The Academy will yield significant benefits to both UQ and IITD including:
• expanded student mobility and research links
• opportunities to access international research and industry funding
• increased industry engagement to support research efforts and graduation outcomes
• increased PhD graduates and greater contribution to national and global research outputs
• increased enrollments from the best and brightest students through attractive program offerings
• heightened profiling for partner country and global institutions.

Please visit the IITD website and UQ Researchers to identify potential collaborators that would be best suited for the proposed project. We encourage that you touch base with any potential collaborators as faculty members at both UQ and  IITD have been made aware of the joint-PhD program.

If you are unable to find a suitable collaborator, we are happy to assist with connecting you with your potential match either UQ or IITD and we would be happy to facilitate initial discussions with potential collaborators .

Contact us by sending email.

Supervisor Project Submission

The UQIDAR Academy Management Committee (AMC) reviews projects and accepts them on the basis of the supervisory team, capacity to supervise, the likely impact of the project, funding arrangements of projects and how well the project has been articulated. We encourage project submissions from all disciplines.

Please submit collaboration project proposals using the UQIDAR project proposal template. This proposal will flag interest for participation in the joint-PhD program and will also be used to attract students.