Feeding the World

Researchers at UQIDAR will work on breakthrough research in everything from diabetes to dementia to pain relief and cancer drugs. Projects that are researched in the UQIDAR will develop solutions for critical problems in medical and allied health research. UQ and IITD both have a truly world-class record for excellence in the fields of biotechnology, biosciences, bioinformatics, health and health & behavioural sciences. Multidisciplinary research is routinely carried out in most biology related areas. The UQIDAR will bring together top researchers from UQ and IITD, along with our associate partners, to deliver impact.

Available projects in Healthy Aging (HA)
Current projects in Healthy Aging (HA)
Project Code UQ Supervisor IITD Supervisor Research Themes Title Student Type (i/a) Keywords Discipline Status
UQIDAR 00117 Professor Aleksandar D. Rakić Professor Amartya Sengupta FW, TT, TS Application of Terahertz Spectroscopy and Imaging in Detection of Diseases of Some Economically Relevant Crops of Australia and Indian Subcontinent i terahertz, photonics, imaging, agriculture photonics, electrical engineering or physics, image processing, botany Student Required
UQIDAR 00118 Professor Aleksandar D. Rakić Professor Amartya Sengupta FW, TT, TS Quality Assessment of Exportable Commodity Goods of Australia and Indian Subcontinent Using Non-contact, Non-invasive THz Imaging Technique i terahertz, bio-physics, imaging, photonics optics, electrical engineering, physics, biology Student Required
UQIDAR 00120 Dr Gleb E. Yakubov Professor Sudip K. Pattanayek FW, RE Brush-like polysaccharides with motif-specific interactions: uncovering molecular mechanisms of gelation i polysaccharide gels, foods, molecular dynamics, brownian dynamics molecular simulation, chemical engineering, physical chemistry, physics Student Required
UQIDAR 00137 Professor Aleksandar D. Rakić Professor Amartya Sengupta FW, TT, TS Identification of Transgenic Plant Species Using Non-invasive THz Spectroscopy for Advancing Natural and Organic Farming Practices i terahertz, plant phenotypes, imaging, agriculture botany, biochemistry, electrical engineering, physics Student Required

UQIDAR PhD candidates are working on the following projects. Please note, these positions have been filled.